Sedation and Anaesthesia

Sedation And Anaesthesia Dentistry For Anxious Patients

Dental on Clarke offers sedation and anaesthesia dentistry for anxious patients

Many people experience anxiety of different levels at the prospect of undergoing dental treatment. For some, just booking an appointment can be extremely stressful. At Dental On Clarke, we aim to reduce the stress and anxiety of dental treatment through providing a calm, communicative, comforting and supportive environment. We take the time to understand your specific triggers and needs in regard to treatment and to build a relationship of trust. We also offer a range of supportive services that can make treatment more manageable. These include nitrous oxide (happy gas), general anaesthesia (sleep dentistry) and ‘The Wand’.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the three options Dental On Clarke offers, and how they could help you.

Happy gas

Happy gas (nitrous oxide sedation) works by producing a gentle sense of calmness, while simultaneously providing some temporary reduction in sensation to the mouth area. Nitrous oxide is inhaled through the nose, using a comfortable rubberised mask which rests over the nose. Different people experience the effects of nitrous oxide sedation in different ways. Some people describe a “two-beer buzz”, while others experience a gentle sense of lightness or heaviness of their arms and legs. However you experience nitrous oxide sedation, it is generally agreed that this form of sedation is pleasantly calming, and allows dental care to take place comfortably for people who just need a little assistance. Patients are completely conscious during treatment with happy gas, and able to communicate freely with the dentist and their assistant. Nitrous oxide wears off within several minutes, with minimal or no side effects after treatment. It is delivered in the consulting rooms at Dental On Clarke by your trained dentist.

“The Wand”the wand

“The Wand” is an alternative to syringe-delivered local anaesthetic. It is a computer-assisted system for local anaesthesia delivery. The anaesthetic is delivered drop-by-drop, thereby avoiding the common stinging associated with traditional methods providing increased comfort for anxious patients.

You can find out more about ‘The Wand’ on the manufacturer’s website.

General anaesthesia

Sleep dentistry (general anaesthesia) is the preferred option for people who require the deepest level of sedation for their dental care. Dental On Clarke can provide sleep dentistry at an onsite day surgery facility for those patients who are unable to undertake treatment in the chair.

Sleep dentistry leaves patients with no recollection of their procedure and your anaesthetist can counsel you on how soon you will be fully recovered from your sedation, according to your individual circumstances.

Why undergo sedation dentistry?

Far too often, people who suffer dental anxiety will put off attending the dentist, which can mean small dental health issues can become bigger, more painful and expensive problems which could have been avoided if they had been able to access the regular care they needed earlier. Sedation or anaesthesia dentistry allows those with dental anxiety to access the care they need in a way that makes the process more manageable. At Dental On Clarke, we are passionate about helping patients from all walks of life access great dental care, and achieve the best oral health possible.

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If you have dental anxiety have a chat with us about your needs. You can rest easy knowing that we have your very best interests at heart, and are here to help in any way we can.