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Custom Sports Mouthguards from Crows Nest Dentists

Australians love their sport! Most children will be a member of at least one sporting team growing up, and many of us continue to enjoy a range of sports in adulthood too. Sport is a wonderful pastime, and an excellent way to get some enjoyable exercise. However, it doesn’t come without risks to our bodies.

When it comes to dentistry, the one we are most concerned with is the possibility of an injury being inflicted on your teeth. Whether it’s a ball, a bat, or a board, there is a wide range of things which can inflict a rather nasty injury to your smile during sporting activities, all of which can leave you with functionality issues, and the possibility of a very big dental bill to fix it over a lifetime. The good news is: this risk can easily be reduced.

The use of a custom-made sports mouthguard is essential for protecting the teeth in many sporting activities. A mouthguard works by absorbing and distributing the traumatic forces which can be inflicted on your teeth during sports and recreation activities. It has been a positive step in the dental health of Australians that most sporting clubs now require players to use a sports mouthguard, as the incidence of dental injuries during sports has reduced significantly.

What’s the best mouthguard for sport?

There is a wide range of mouthguards available to choose from, meaning it can become a tricky decision. Shop-bought versions are readily available, seemingly easy to use and inexpensive. Unfortunately, they simply do not offer sufficient protection against dental trauma. Even shop-bought versions which you heat and then mould to your mouth do not stay in place in properly, or adapt to the contours of the teeth well enough to protect you from injury and trauma.

A much safer option is the construction of a custom-made sports mouthguard that is precisely fitted to your mouth. A custom-fitted version can reduce the traumatic forces. It achieves this feat by accurately fitting your teeth and gums, so it stays in place and optimally absorbs and redistributes traumatic forces, meaning those forces can’t damage your teeth as readily.

In order to create your custom-made mouthguard, you dentist will begin by taking impressions of your mouth. Those impressions are then used by a dental technician to construct your mouthguard. Dental On Clarke mouthguards are made from multiple layers of shock-absorbing, rubberised material. This multi-layer construction promotes an accurate fit and good shock absorption. Your dentist will give you tips on how to wear, clean and store your appliance.

A mouthguard should be thought of like sport shoes: it’s an essential part of your sporting kit that will help you to enjoy your sport in safety. Like sport shoes, your appliance will need replacing in time, especially if your mouth is still growing and your teeth are changing.

Remember: the lifetime pain and cost of teeth that are traumatised can be enormous, so prevention of trauma is the best option.


A custom-made mouthguard is designed to fit your mouth perfectly and helps to protect the teeth from injury and trauma. Because it fits the teeth and gums accurately, the mouthguard stays in place and optimally absorbs and redistributes traumatic forces. This helps to protect your teeth, and is particularly useful in reducing the incidence of dental injuries during sports.

First, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth, which are then sent to a dental technician who will construct your appliance. The mouthguard is made from multiple layers of shock-absorbing rubberised material. The construction of the mouthguard promotes an accurate fit, and is highly effective when it comes to shock absorption. Custom mouthguards adapt adequately to the contours of the teeth in a way that store-bought versions are unable to do.

Bruxism refers to clenching and teeth grinding and can produce excessive stress on the jaw joints and jaw muscles, as well as on the teeth themselves.  When teeth wear down due to grinding, the chance of chipping and cracking increases, and the teeth change shape appearing shorter and more square. Clenching causes cracks within the teeth that over time can lead to fracture of the tooth and subsequent need for expensive restorative treatment or even tooth loss.

Custom Mouthguards Crows Nest

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