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Modern dentistry continues to develop ways to preserve natural teeth. However, sometimes a tooth will become so undermined – be it through decay, cracks, trauma or gum disease –  that it requires removal (and a visit from the Tooth Fairy) to stop it from wreaking havoc on your other teeth. In the case of wisdom teeth, removal may be necessary when there is not enough space for them in the mouth, or they cannot be adequately cleaned.

The tooth removal process

Quite often it is possible for tooth extraction to be completed under a local anaesthetic. For anxious patients, happy gas can be provided to make the process more manageable. Contrary to popular belief, it is very rare to ever have a tooth “pulled”. The teeth, gums and bone are designed to resist pulling forces. In fact, tooth extraction involves the careful application of wiggling forces which allow the tooth to release from its position in the mouth. A “simple” tooth extraction rarely requires sutures (stitches) or antibiotics, but your dentist will advise you on the best treatment for your circumstances. Tooth extraction can cause discomfort and swelling after the procedure, so your dentist will recommend a suitable form of pain relief and will also give you tips on how to speed up the healing of your gums and protect yourself from complications. It is recommended to avoid smoking after a tooth extraction, and to limit the intake of alcohol and foods or drinks that are very hot, cold or sharp.

Extracting baby teeth

Sometimes deciduous (baby) teeth require extraction due to trauma, infection, or because they are causing problems for the developing adult teeth. This process is approached with utmost care in order to keep our junior patients as happy as possible. ‘The Wand’, which delivers local anesthetic electronically drop-by-drop, can reduce the discomfort of numbing the tooth. We also have nitrous oxide (happy gas) to help calm kids who are cooperative, but a bit nervous.

How can I replace the removed tooth?

Various options exist for replacing adult teeth that have required extraction, including dental implants, bridges and removable dentures.

Wisdom tooth removal

While wisdom teeth are just like any other teeth, the reasons for removing them vary somewhat. Wisdom teeth are just normal molar teeth, but they are the final set of teeth to develop and then emerge in your mouth. It is thought that wisdom teeth were originally our body’s way of replenishing the teeth our ancient ancestors often lost through chewing on very hard foods. As our modern diet is considerably softer, this isn’t something which is a necessity for many of us now.

For some people who have enough space in their mouth, and good alignment, the eruption of their wisdom teeth is not a problem. However, for others who do not have room in their jaw for these extra teeth, maintaining good oral hygiene is difficult or impossible, resulting in decay and/or recurrent, painful inflammation of the surrounding gum. In some cases, wisdom teeth can also be “impacted”; meaning they are growing in from an odd angle. In situations like this, it is best that the offending wisdom teeth are removed, so as to not cause problems with your existing teeth.

There are situations where we may recommend the removal of wisdom teeth even if they aren’t causing you any pain. Such situations would normally only be if we were able to see that there was a very high probability of them causing issues in the future. It’s best that you undergo a procedure like this when you are young, fit and healthy and your body is better equipped to recover. At Dental On Clarke, we can assist in monitoring your wisdom teeth, and when it is necessary either extract them for you, or, in more complex cases, refer you to a reputable specialist.

Tooth extractions from Dental On Clarke

If you have a tooth which is proving problematic for you, request your appointment today so we can determine the best course of action for you, and manage your situation.