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Our teeth begin to yellow for a variety of reasons including age, pigmented foods and drinks, tobacco, and even some medications. Discolouration doesn’t just have to be a fact of life though, because various methods exist for teeth whitening. Dental On Clarke uses a gentle teeth whitening method which can provide great results with much less pain and sensitivity than some other teeth whitening techniques.

How does teeth whitening work?

Tooth staining happens when darkly-coloured large molecules attach to the teeth. Teeth whitening treatments work by using hydrogen peroxide to dissolve those large molecules into smaller molecules which are whiter in colour. Teeth whitening is very safe and does not damage the teeth, as long as you follow your teeth whitening instructions.

How do I whiten my teeth?

The teeth whitening technique used by Dental On Clarke will first require us to take impressions of your teeth. Those impressions are used to fabricate teeth whitening trays which are customised to your mouth. Many store-bought whitening products use a generic tray to apply the whitening gel. However, by using customised teeth whitening trays which perfectly fit your teeth to ensure the gel is applied correctly, you’ll get the best possible results from your teeth whitening treatment.

Once your custom trays are created, we will then show you how to use your teeth whitening kit. This take-home kit includes your customised trays, tooth whitening gel and specific toothpastes that will help you stay comfortable during your teeth whitening treatment, and keep your teeth white in the long term.

Usually, teeth whitening is done either overnight or for a set period of time during the day. The length of time to whiten the teeth varies with your individual circumstances and aims. You will get the best results from your teeth whitening treatment if you can avoid strongly coloured foods and drinks during your whitening treatment. Foods to avoid include red wine, coffee, coloured fizzy drinks and dark sauces (like soy sauce).

We generally advise against “express” teeth whitening methods because those methods are more likely to cause intense sensitivity of the teeth and gums. There is also little evidence to suggest that express teeth whitening produces any better results than gentler teeth whitening techniques, relative to the risks of discomfort. At Dental On Clarke, we want you to look your best, but also be safe and comfortable.

It’s important to know that tooth whitening will not change the colour of fillings, crowns or veneers, so you should have a thorough discussion with your dentist about the expected outcomes of any teeth whitening method. And of course the best way to keep your teeth at their brightest is by thorough teeth cleaning at home and with your dentist.

Can I stop my teeth from going yellow again?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to stop your teeth from beginning to yellow again, and you will eventually need to undertake another whitening treatment to keep your teeth pearly white. However, it is possible to slow the yellowing process by avoiding highly pigmented foods and drinks, ensuring you brush and floss daily, and attending your six-monthly check-up and clean appointments with your dentist.

Foods and drinks which can discolour your teeth include red wine, coffee, tea, soy sauce, chocolate, and other highly pigmented items. While we advise you to avoid these foods while you’re undergoing your whitening treatment, you don’t have to give them up altogether! Just don’t allow them to sit on your teeth for an extended period of time. Instead, have a good drink of water to wash residue off your teeth after eating, and then be sure to brush your teeth about half an hour later once your saliva has neutralised food acids, and your enamel has hardened again.


Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons. Pigmented foods and drinks, like coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, and chocolate can cause stains, while smoking and some medications can also contribute to discolouration. In some cases, the natural ageing process can also lead to yellowing.

No, it is important to note that tooth whitening treatments do not effectively change the colour of dental fillings, crowns or veneers. For this reason, it’s important to consult with your dentist before choosing a whitening treatment to check that your particular expectations can be met.

In most cases, a take-home teeth whitening treatment is done overnight or for a set period of time during the day, during which time you will wear a custom whitening tray. The specific length of time that it takes to whiten your teeth will vary based on your individual circumstances and expectations. For the best possible results, it is best to avoid highly pigmented foods and drinks during your whitening treatment. Try and avoid foods and drinks like red wine, coffee, and dark sauces.

Professional teeth whitening Crows Nest

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