Cosmetic Dentistry for the Holiday Season

Cosmetic Dentistry for the Holiday Season

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are non-invasive procedures that enhance your smile.

Cosmetic treatments can correct small impurities on your teeth such as discolouration, gaps, or chips. Dentistry is not just about oral hygiene and treating disease; it can also be about aesthetics.

When is the best time for cosmetic dentistry?

One of the best times to get cosmetic treatments done is while summer and the holiday season are approaching. The next couple months are going to be packed full of seasonal events such as weddings, holiday parties, barbeques, and family gatherings which means tons of photos, chats, and new people to meet.

Cosmetic dentistry can help you put your best foot forward by giving your smile an extra sparkle for these special occasions.

What treatments are offered?

At Dental On Clarke, we offer two types of cosmetic dentistry treatments; teeth whitening and veneers.

Teeth Whitening:

It is inevitable that our teeth become increasingly yellow or discoloured. This can be due to age, dietary habits, smoking, or even just genetics. Fortunately, this can be helped with dental teeth whitening. Dental On Clarke uses a tooth whitening technique that is significantly more effective than over-the-counter or online methods.

Our teeth whitening procedure involves three steps:
  • After assessing your teeth as being suitable for whitening, we take impressions of your teeth which we then use to make custom-fitted trays for your teeth.
  • Next, we show you how to use your bleaching kit which is supplied with your tray, whitening gel, and toothpaste.
  • Finally, you will use the whitening kit either during the day, or overnight. The technique prescribed by your dentist will depend on your individual circumstances, needs and preferences.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments because it is fast, convenient, safe for most patients, and can make a huge difference on your smile.


Dental veneers are an increasingly popular cosmetic dental treatment as a way to enhance someone’s smile. Whether you’re looking to correct the shape of your teeth, breaks, or simply discolouration or staining, veneers are one of the most effective methods to get that done quickly.

Dental veneers are essentially shells that fit over the fronts of your teeth to make your smile look brighter, straighter, and more flawless. Veneers are custom-made for your teeth in order to keep your smile looking natural and seamless.

Veneers can help fix:
  • Discolouration
  • Yellow teeth or staining
  • Cracks and chips
  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Gaps in teeth
Our dental veneer treatment process involves three steps:
  • First, we will examine your teeth in order to determine whether or not your teeth are suited to veneers, and whether you will need a whitening treatment beforehand.
  • Next, your dentist will shape your teeth ready for veneers, take impressions of your teeth and construct temporary veneers for you to wear for approximately two weeks.
  • Then, once the veneers are ready, we will clean your teeth before applying the veneers using a dental adhesive material.

Veneers are long lasting, they will typically last 10 years before needing to be replaced. Veneers are a totally customisable and versatile treatment and therefore, can be a suitable solution to take your smile to the next level without needing orthodontic treatment.

How to take care of your teeth after cosmetic dentistry:

Now that you’ve decided to amp up your smile for the holiday season, here are some useful tips to keep your teeth bright and fresh despite the festive foods and drinks:

  • Minimise pigmented food and drinks such as red wine, berries, and coffee
  • Drink lots of water to rinse out your mouth after snacks, sugary drinks, and pigmented foods and drinks
  • Pass on high sugar and chewy snacks
  • Avoid chewing ice cubes or cracking nuts with your teeth
  • Avoid snacking often, the more often your teeth are in contact with sugars, the more opportunities for tooth decay
  • Brush your teeth often, especially after meals
  • Use floss (and possibly a mouthwash if your dentist recommends it)

Book your cosmetic dental treatment:

With our cosmetic dental treatments at Dental On Clarke, we will help your smile sparkle like fairy lights! Appointments are filling up fast before the holidays so if you are interested in taking your smile to the next level for the upcoming season, get in touch with us here!

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