Recycling Programme

Recycling at Dental On Clarke

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old toothbrush?


Don’t throw it away, we can recycle it for you! Dental On Clarke has partnered with a specialist recycling company, and together we’re helping to keep toothbrushes out of landfill. Simply collect your used toothbrushes and drop them off to our Reception staff.

And it’s not just toothbrushes, here’s a list of all the things we can recycle for you:

  • Manual toothbrushes
  • Toothbrush packaging
  • Electric toothbrushes
  • Electric toothbrush heads
  • Electric toothbrush chargers
  • Toothpaste tubes and lids
  • Floss containers (not the floss itself)
  • Floss holders
  • Interdental brushes (eg Piksters)

It’s OK if you’ve used your old toothbrush for household cleaning before it comes to us for recycling; we won’t judge you!

The items you bring for recycling get a second life as park benches and playground equipment.

So, bring us your used oral care products, and let’s look after the planet together!

FAQs About Our Recycling Programme

All brands are welcome. The recycling programme itself is kindly supported by Colgate, but all brands are accepted.

We collect them and periodically send a shipment to our specialist recycling partner. Most of the recycling occurs in Australia, with some materials being processed in the USA. The recycled materials are transformed into park benches and playground equipment … so much better than going into landfills.

Possibly yes; check with your local Council for their guidelines. The good news is that all of the listed materials can definitely be processed through our system, so there’s no guesswork for you, and you don’t risk contaminating your recycling bin with problem items.

Yes! We can recycle your electric toothbrush unit, charger and brush heads, so bring them along!

Absolutely everyone is welcome to drop off their oral care recycling to us. We’re always thrilled to meet fellow recyclers!

Most of our patients bring their recycling to their periodic examination appointments. But we welcome drop-offs anytime during our regular opening hours. If in doubt, call our friendly Reception staff on 02 8622 3900.

We all have a responsibility to our planet and our future generations. This recycling programme is something Dental On Clarke is proud to do so that we and our patients can look after our teeth and our environment at the same time.

Healthcare will always generate some waste because of adherence to infection control standards. Not all waste will be recyclable because of soiling with health-related substances. However, at Dental On Clarke we recycle our paper waste (confidential documents are cross-cut shredded first), any waste that is accepted by kerbside recycling, and soft plastics.

Any oral care items we use for demonstrating oral hygiene to our patients are either sent home with the patient for continued use, or collected for oral care recycling.

The important attributes to consider when choosing any toothbrush are: soft bristles, a small brush head, and being long-lasting. If you happen to find an eco-friendly toothbrush that meets those criteria, let us know at We can then investigate the product and share the news with our patients!

There’re conflicting recommendations on this issue. At Dental On Clarke, we recommend changing your toothbrush when its bristles are looking tired and bent-out-of-shape. That means there will be variation between people, depending on the brush type and the vigour of brushing technique. A toothbrush should last you at least three months; any less might mean you’re brushing too hard. Allow your toothbrush to dry between uses, and of course never share your toothbrush with anyone else.

Our recycling partner is TerraCycle, supported by ColgatePalmolive. Dental On Clarke assists TerraCycle with their Oral Care Programme and Electric Toothbrush Programme. TerraCycle runs other fantastic recycling programmes (including contact lenses and coffee pods). For collection points that accept other types of waste, visit